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Comprehensive Tuition Administration

Your team members no longer have to review individual tuition reimbursement requests or manually create reports. The EdAssist tuition assistance website & software verifies eligibility and tax compliance, routes applications to managers for approval, reviews proof of grades and receipts as well as providing insight into your program spending and ROI. EdAssist makes administration easy by supporting tuition reimbursement, prepayments, and direct billing. For additional support, employees also have access to our award-winning customer service specialists.

Guaranteed policy compliance

Starting with our sophisticated rules engine, EdAssist’s software is configured to ensure full compliance with each company’s specific tuition policy. Minimize human error and enrich the employee's experience by eliminating the need for manual paper-based processes.

Sophisticated reporting

EdAssist provides the reporting capabilities to objectively analyze your corporate tuition assistance program’s success. Our software solution connects directly to your existing HR systems to simplify reporting and easily track everything from program costs to employee performance and usage. Key stakeholders can generate high-level or more detailed reports that make it easy to understand the ROI of tuition assistance at a glance.

Award-winning customer support

EdAssist’s contact center and compliance specialists bring in-depth knowledge of the world’s most successful tuition assistance programs. As a seamless extension of your staff, our team is trained to understand your terminology and company culture so you get the most out of your tuition assistance program.

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