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ROI of outsourcing tuition assistance

EdAssist delivers impressive savings on numerous fronts. Its expert tuition policy consultants create tuition assistance programs that connect learning outcomes with critical business outcomes—vastly improving talent management and employee retention. Our end-to-end software platform further reduces administrative costs and improves policy compliance. In addition, EdAssist reduces tuition costs through discounts negotiated with 200+ accredited schools and universities.

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Tuition assistance best practices to build employee retention and engagement

A recent Bersin by Deloitte report discovered that employers that transform their tuition assistance programs from an entitlement into a strategic talent management tool are realizing positive effects across the entire organization.

10 Practices to Maximize Your Tuition Program

Tuition assistance programs strengthen employee loyalty and improve productivity and retention. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of employees who participate in a tuition assistance programs do not leave their organizations.  In fact, among the organizations that designated tuition assistance as a ‘highly valuable’ benefit, 92 percent also agreed that it significantly improves employee retention. 

10 Practices to Maximize Your Tuition Program

Leverage tuition assistance for your talent management needs

The latest Conference Board CEO Challenge survey found that human capital is one of businesses’ top challenges. To address this challenge, organizations are leveraging their tuition assistance programs as part of their strategic talent management initiative. Employers who elevate their tuition assistance programs can accelerate educational achievement, reduce skills gaps, and build a talent and leadership pipeline. To support these goals, EdAssist applies the Tuition Assistance Maturity Model to help organizations formulate tuition assistance programs that provide sustained value. Developed by Bersin by Deloitte, this model covers custom program development, alignment with talent management strategies, support for employee goals, and standardization of tuition assistance policies.

Automate tuition management to save time and effort

Industry benchmarks show that it typically takes one full-time employee to administer each $1.5M in annual tuition spend, and that doesn’t take into account additional resources needed to troubleshoot payment processing issues and escalate cases. EdAssist’s automated software solution provides a comprehensive review of grades and receipts, reducing administrative costs and ensuring compliance well beyond what is achievable with manual systems. This frees tuition administrators to focus on higher value tasks while improving employee experience.

Personal support to help employees make informed decisions

Did you know employees typically spend just 1.5 hours a year on career planning? Organizations benefit from offering career advisory services that help adult learners map out career and educational goals. EdAssist offers personal education support that does just that. EdAssist advisors also help employees uncover ways to save money through course credits and accelerate learning pathways.

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Strategic partnerships with schools to tap tuition discounts

Businesses spend $60 billion a year on tuition assistance, yet few actually negotiate any discounts from the institutions where their employees are enrolled. Instead of leaving these tuition dollars on the table, EdAssist builds strategic partnerships with colleges and universities on our clients’ behalf. Our team takes a consultative approach, negotiating special pricing and developing custom degree programs that support the specific needs of each client.

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