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Adult Education Career Guidance Increases Employee Engagement & Happiness

Most adult learners find returning to school an overwhelming process. EdAssist makes going back to school a stress-free experience, guiding employees through the entire process. Our educational and financial aid advisors create personal education plans for adult learning, helping them find the most career relevant, expedient, and cost-effective path to achieving their goals with higher education. Advisors conduct in-depth research into myriad of school and program options, providing each employee with a clear educational roadmap, aligned to their career objectives. They assist adult learners with everything from selecting schools and programs to identifying scholarships to offering one-on-one support throughout the academic session.

Meet Our Academic & Finance Advisors

Tuition assistance advisors help employees save big

Your employees don’t have to go it alone as they become adult learners and head back to school. Our full-time advisors apply their in-depth knowledge of prior learning assessments, course waivers, and program selection to provide financial advice and save your employees on higher education costs.  EdAssist academic advisors include former directors of financial aid who help employees navigate state, federal, and private aid programs; identify scholarships and grants, and provide debt management advice.

Strategic tuition assistance transforms corporate benefits

Tuition assistance can be much more than an employee benefit. Your tuition assistance program can give you a strategic advantage—helping to build succession planning and a talent and leadership pipeline. With EdAssist, your tuition assistance program will be transformed into a strategic investment that improves employee retention, mobility, and performance. In addition, you’ll gain visibility into upcoming graduations, to help align newly-qualified employees with your organization’s skills gaps.

Talent management pathways to support top performers

The average employee spends just 1.5 hours a year on professional development versus 22 hours on vacation planning. Our educational advisors help employees focus on adult learning for professional development that benefits the individual and organization alike. Employees then have a clear path to saving money and earning their degrees faster. Each employee’s plan for adult education is customized to align with your organization’s mission, growth plans, and career development paths.

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