Return to Work Strategies: Beyond Parental Leave

On-Demand Webinar

parental leave, return from parental leaveA successful onramping is crucial when an employee returns from leave – and that experience has lasting effects on engagement, performance, and team morale. 

In this webinar, learn what a highly effective return to work program includes, why it’s more important than ever, and how you can create one. 

You’ll gain:

  • Insights on the turnover risks of expectant and returning parents
  • Actionable guidance on supporting the needs of employees, their managers, and your business goals
  • Best practices and lessons learned from Viacom’s trailblazing work

Featured Speakers:

Lisa Sipress, VP, HR, Viacom

Karen Rubin, Managing Director, Talking Talent

Andrea Wicks Bowles, Sr. Consultant, Bright Horizons

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