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To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.

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We Begin By Asking Your Workforce the Right Questions

Through years of experience with a wide array of employees, our HR consultants honed a process to build a complete picture of workforce needs. In coordinated efforts with leadership, we learn from employees about their current and anticipated child and elder care needs, the impact of unsolved challenges on their work performance, and the types of care support they’d use. We also analyze the workforce profile – including age, income, geography, and number of dependents – and the potential impact of current and future dependent care needs based on demographics intelligence.

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Together We Uncover the Organization’s Primary Objectives

Potential response strategies require first identifying specific organizational needs. Understanding leaders’ objectives and organizational goals is key to determining those needs. Through one-on-one interviews with decision makers, our HR consultants clearly identify leadership goals and address objectives and perceived business challenges. We also work to clearly understand leaders’ impressions of what an optimal strategy would look like, and their precise definitions of success metrics for any proposed dependent care solution.

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Delivering Return on Investment

Our comprehensive, in-depth analysis of each component – workforce intelligence, leadership objectives, and external factors – provides leadership with the data required to make the best dependent care decisions. And a detailed report offers answers to the most critical questions about cost, locating space, anticipated usage, and projected benefits. Along with analysis of gathered intelligence, we provide recommendations based on the organization’s unique factors as well providing HR solutions that meet individual and ROI requirements. We will clearly define each program option, ensuring that all players are on the same page. And our estimate of investment impact will provide the tools needed to make the clear case for the employee dependent care solutions that fit your workforce.

Why Horizons Workforce Consultants?

Our experts make up the only team in the industry uniquely able to ensure that HR solutions are able to meet employees’ dependent care needs at every life stage, and that they are aligned with critical business goals. With more than 25 years of work/life balance experience, we offer an unparalleled database and a successful track record of delivering customized strategies that deliver results targeted specifically to each client.

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