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To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.

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Back-Up Care Helps Employees Complete Their Work

99% of employees say Bright Horizons back-up care helps them complete their work. With 30 days off during the average school calendar, working parents’ absences add up quickly. That not only impacts the parent, but their colleagues, direct reports, and supervisors as well.

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Back-Up Care Increases Employee Engagement & Productivity

92% of employees credit Bright Horizons back-up care for their ability to meet work expectations. Without the child care help, many parents have to spend work time trying to track down alternative care for school holidays and summers, detracting from employee engagement and productivity.

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Back-Up Care Reduces Employee Absenteeism

87% of employees say because of Bright Horizons back-up care, they worked a day in the last six months they otherwise would have missed. Without back-up care, a mildly ill child who can’t go to her daycare center translates to working parents missing deadlines and critical meetings.

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How Bright Horizons Care Advantage Helps Companies

Snow days, sick nannies, and children with the sniffles contribute to 2.8 million workdays lost annually to unplanned absences. But organizations with back-up care for working parents save an average of 550 days per year by providing employees with emergency child care assistance.

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Back-Up Care Benefits Employee Retention/Recruitment

91% of employees say that because they have access to Bright Horizons back-up care, they are more likely to continue to work for their employer. Employee retention and recruitment are not just employer-of-choice buzzwords. Employees who leave for better benefits cost their employers upwards of 20% of their salary in hiring, training, and productivity losses.

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