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Employees: To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.
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To access back-up care, please call 877-BH-CARES or click here.

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Program Designed for Children Up to Age 13

Parents can feel good about trusting Bright Horizons child care centers with their kids. All of our child care centers are of the highest quality – whether they are dedicated Bright Horizons centers or part of our extended network. Our highly skilled teachers are adept at working with children in new surroundings, ensuring an easy day for both parent and child. The classrooms feature our own age-appropriate curriculum and activities for school-age children – including homework help, summer camps, and vacation week activities for children up to age 13. Many child care centers also have the capacity to provide care for children with special needs.

In-Home Care for Children of Any Age

Whether the nanny is off for the day or a high-school student needs care while home recovering from a sports injury, the in-home care option can meet many working parents’ back-up care needs. Employees can access Bright Horizons’ nationwide network of screened caregivers via the Back-Up Care Advantage Program, or screen and hire their own caregivers via the Bright Horizons CareDirect online platform.

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School-Age Back-Up Care When Employees Need It

Working parents’ need for back-up care doesn’t end when children have graduated from daycare. The need for care for older children can arise during flu season, during after school hours, on holidays and vacation weeks, on snow days, and even during summer vacation. Whether an employee needs back-up care at the last minute or for planned dates, Bright Horizons offers dependable child care to ensure that scheduling disruptions don’t disrupt the workday.

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Back-Up Care Where Employees Are

Today’s working parents are at the office and in their own home offices; local and dispersed across the country; in the metro area and far-flung suburbs. Our national network of thousands of child care centers and in-home care providers means child care is available where your workforce is, even for school-age kids.

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