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Program Benefits for Working Parents & Employers

An average of 10% of working parents care for a child with special needs. And on average, these working parents lose five hours per work week to navigating their children’s educational needs.

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By providing expert guidance through the education maze, this program helps minimize associated employee productivity losses. By receiving support and assistance in all areas – identifying issues, managing processes, and advocating for a child -- employees are empowered to make effective choices and avoid costly missteps that increase insurance costs.

Extensive Online Solutions Platform

This interactive online solution is available 24/7 to cut down on employees’ time spent out of the office looking for assistance for their children with special needs. We help working parents better understand, advocate for, and support their child with special needs. Whether just getting started or already on the journey, the self-guided torchlight platform helps families overcome obstacles and chart the right path.

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Covering parents of newborns through parents of young adults, the Bright Horizons Special Needs program guides parents through understanding different special needs situations, identifying goals, and taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals for their children. 

Optional In-Person Expert Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs

With the option of adding webinars and even expert one-on-one services, Bright Horizons Special Needs Program, powered by torchlight can provide necessary solutions to this rapidly growing segment of the workforce in the ways that suit employees best. One-on-one, expert specialists can review parents’ documents, help develop education plans, even provide resource and referral services tailored to the child’s specific needs.

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An Innovative Program With Proven ROI

By identifying eligibility for appropriate public services and clarifying federal and state laws for children with special needs, torchlight significantly reduces work time spent on research for working parents. Clear and concise information saves time and money – thousands for employers on costs related to autism spectrum disorders alone.

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