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Commitment to Bright Starts for Brighter Futures

Bright Horizons’ commitment to partnering with parents for excellence in education extends beyond early childhood education in our child care centers. From grade school to middle school, College Coach provides inspiring and time-saving tips for helping children stay organized and academically motivated. Expert information on the Common Core curriculum saves time and cuts stress for middle-school parents navigating these often-confusing new requirements.

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Developing Essential Elementary School Skills

Employees with young children want to know how to get their kids on a trajectory that leads to a lifetime of success. Developing essential skills and finding success in kindergarten through fourth grade can lay the groundwork for success in middle and high school, and even adulthood. We explore how working parents can help children develop good reading habits, strengthen writing skills, and develop mathematics ability both in school and at home. With guidance from a College Coach expert, parents receive tools and strategies to assist with homework, insight into creating a successful work environment at home, and ways to infuse active learning into everyday situations.

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Helping Children Master Middle School

Employees with children in grades four through eight face choices that are critical to academic and extracurricular success in high school. College Coach experts will explore the opportunities and challenges of middle school with working parents, including the new academic requirements of the Common Core State Standards and academic and extracurricular planning and technology. Parents will leave with specific tools and strategies to help their children navigate and master middle school and proactively plan for academic and extracurricular success in these busy years and beyond.

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