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Paying for Education & Employee Financial Wellness

Paying for college is more expensive now than at any time in history. It’s the second-largest purchase a family will likely make, and the pressure on families with multiple children is even greater. With programs for employees at every age and stage, college finance experts help parents find efficient approaches for saving for tomorrow, as well as effective strategies for paying today. Confidence-building savings strategies help working parents whether they have newborns, school-age or high school children.

Saving for College

How will I pay for my child’s college tuition in the future? What’s the best way to financially prepare? What should I consider when choosing a college savings plan? Our College Coach program takes the anxiety out of what can seem like an insurmountable task. Starting with an overview of savings options and financial aid and tax breaks, College Coach helps families develop a comprehensive financial plan for making college achievable in the future. Included: how to keep future college costs down, how to position children to win scholarships and receive need-based aid in the future, and how to choose and implement a manageable college savings approach.

The Rising Popularity of College Savings Plans

Paying for College

For working parents of 9th to 12th graders, this program explores the wide range of financial options available for paying for college – including loans, scholarships, and work study. College Coach’s experts also provide guidance on the most effective way to appeal the decision and/or negotiate for more financial aid if needs aren’t being met. With in-depth advice, families are equipped to determine which options are right for them when paying for college.

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Repayment Strategies for College Loans

College debt is now the largest financial distraction today's employees face. Total student loan debt is now more than $1 trillion in the U.S., surpassing auto loans ($730 billion) and credit card debt ($693 billion). For employees who have, or whose children have, education loans, College Coach explores strategies that recent graduates and their parents can use to manage their share of this financial burden. This program also examines ways that graduates can deal with college debt and parents can help students transition to their debt-repayment responsibilities.

Webinars, Events, One-on-One Advising, and Online Resources

All College Coach programs are delivered via multiple channels so that employees can access the college and higher education resources they need in the way that suits them – and their families – best. Choose from scheduled on-site programs and webinars, personal guidance, or online resources available at your employees' convenience.

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