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Great Results For Employers And Employees

Why do 100% of corporate clients indicate they are very satisfied or satisfied with College Coach? For starters, College Coach is valued by a broad cross-section of employees regardless of geography and pay scale. 99.7% of employees who access the educational guidance benefit recommend College Coach to a colleague. Read on to see why this unique company benefit brings great results for employers and employees.

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College Coach Saves Employees Time

80% of employees report that one hour with College Coach saved them four hours or more. Employees often use work time to figure out college admissions on their own – an average of two hours per employee each week. Every time an employee attends a College Coach workshop or accesses one hour of personalized one-on-one educational advising, they save at least four hours they’d otherwise have spent trying to navigate this process on their own. What’s more, 33% of employees save ten or more hours per hour spent with College Coach. And employees with access to the Special and Exceptional Needs Program save one hour per week.

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Using College Coach Can Help Employees Financially

Employees using College Coach for financially themed webinars or counseling sessions saved an average of $7,000. The stress of worrying about financial burdens of college – and the time involved in untangling the web of options for paying for college – can result in hours of lost work productivity. College Coach’s resources to help manage saving and paying for college – including repaying student loans – address this primary source of stress for many working parents. And boosting employee financial wellness is good for business.

College Coach Can Reduce Employees’ Stress

94% of employees report reduced stress after working with College Coach. Stress is a known impediment to job focus, and worrying about a child’s educational future is one of a working parent’s biggest distractions. From the sticker shock of the potential cost of education, to the intensely competitive and challenging college admissions process, to ensuring the building blocks for success are in place as early as grade school, working parents have got a lot to stress over. College Coach’s programs address all of these educational challenges and more.

College Coach Helps With Work/Life Balance

College Coach helps 92% of employees balance their personal and professional responsibilities. As today’s top talent continues to place increasing value on their work/life balance, the employers who offer key benefits enhance their employer brand and succeed in recruiting and retaining top talent.

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College Coach Increases Job Satisfaction

84% of employees with access to College Coach report increased job satisfaction. Employee engagement and job satisfaction continue to pose challenges even for top employers of choice. In fact, according to Gallup, only 30% of employees are actively engaged in their work. Yet in addition to increased job satisfaction, 97% of employees with access to College Coach report increased positive feelings about their employer1.

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