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Saving Working Parents Time, Energy, And Productivity

Many colleges reject more than 90% of students who apply. Is it any wonder parents are distracted by their children’s college admissions process? In fact, a surge of college applicants (nearly a million more than five years ago) are vying for a stagnant number of spaces, creating an extremely competitive landscape that fuels stress and is a potential drain on employee’s productivity, time, and energy.

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Saving Time with Customized College Admission Guidance

Insider advice from former college admissions officers at highly selective colleges – MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley, University of Chicago, Georgetown, CalTech, and more – reduces time spent (often at work) on navigating a labyrinthine equation. Employers can build a custom program, offering the topics that fit their workforce best and with multiple modes of delivery. Webinars, workshops, and one-on-one guidance offer working parents assistance with every step, from choosing the right courses as a high school freshman to writing the perfect admissions essay senior year.

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College Admissions: the Insider's View

With close to 4,000 options for college and the complexities of higher education on the rise, College Coach experts educate parents of 9th – 12th graders on how to effectively plan their children’s high school academic program, put together a strong college list, and select the right college. This program also examines the college application process in detail – including recommendations, essays, and interviews. From The High School Plan to Selecting the Right College to Preparing College Applications, College Admissions: the Insider’s View covers every topic employees need when preparing their children for college admissions success.

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The Course Ahead: Majors to Careers

Ensuring children achieve the full potential of their educations is a primary concern today. Designed in response to questions from parents of 10th graders to college sophomores, this topic provides specific resources and approaches to help students identify what’s next across all levels of school achievement.

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U.S. Colleges: Applying from Abroad

With its reliance on both quantitative and qualitative factors, the U.S. higher education admissions process is unique and presents a number of challenges for international students. The College Coach expert will discuss every aspect of preparing for the admissions process, including those qualitative aspects– essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews – that are often least understood. Working parents of students in 9th to 12th grade outside of the U.S. will gain an understanding of how to take advantage of the cultural and educational opportunities that come from “studying abroad” to help them stand out in an increasingly competitive American college admissions process.

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