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Employer-Sponsored Child Care Benefits the Company

Our research shows that organizations offering employer-sponsored child care benefit in all the areas that matter: employee engagement, retention, recruitment, loyalty, and productivity.

On-Site Child Care Centers Increase Productivity

95% of employees say that access to an on-site child care center at work helps them concentrate throughout the day. Without a dependable child care provider, employee productivity decreases because work time is often spent arranging care, getting to and from a child care center, or just worrying about a child’s care and education.

Employer Sponsored Child Care Affects Productivity

87% of employees say child care makes them more productive. Without a clear and dependable child care resource, employees use time at work to search for a solution. When the child care question is solved, you free employees to focus on their work.

Employer Sponsored Child Care Increases Retention

More than one-in-seven employees have actually turned down job offers so they can keep access to their employer-sponsored day care center. Access to employer-sponsored child care is a proven sticky benefit that increases employee retention. Great employees are more likely to stay with the employer who’s helped them solve their most pressing work/life balance challenge. Employers that don’t offer child care can lose great employees to organizations that do.

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